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I love everything about life! I always find something positive about people that are misundertood. I have noticed that people really are on edge lately. I have thought about this quite a bit. I understand that things are changing. Just about everyone I know has become very political.I never have gotten into politics. In my mind the whole political thing is a side show, a distraction meant to divide the people! I just want to live my life and not be polluted! After getting a divorce a few years ago I am now living life my way.I love to enjoy some good 420 and keep it mellow. It has been the best few years of my life! People that are living a similar life to me seem to be the people I understand and like the most! I have been dating around since my divorce. I am interested in meeting the right guy now and seeing where it goes. If im gonna settle down with someone they have to be 420 friendly and open minded. I recently got into online dating and think it is awesome! My favorite site is this 420 dating site ! I know it seems weird a nature lover and hippie chick using the net to meet people but it has been a great experience so far!